Hi, there, I'm Raz 👋

I'm a techie based in Toronto, Canada. I have done multiple startups, led teams, freelanced and worn almost all hats in the software engineering department: from sys-admin / devops engineer to software architect on both the front-end and back-end of the stack. I am currently consulting under my company Wisecat Media Inc.


Tech Stack

  • Elixir
  • Ruby
  • React / NodeJS
  • Solidity, dApps
  • Kubernetes / Terraform / Ansible / All things GCP and AWS

Companies (worked for or founded)

Below are some notable companies I either founded or worked for

Coinberry Ltd. (Aquired by WonderFI in 2022)
Part of the founding team / interim CTO
I built Coinberry's original platform, designed their cryptocurrency custody solution, ran their infrastructure and hired their tech team.

Zyield Finance
Co-founder / CTO
Zyield is a non-custodial smart contract wallet interface and DeFI platform. The tech stack includes Elixir, NodeJS, React among other technologies.

Community Inc.
Staff Elixir Engineer
I was at Community for two years and worked with some of the best Elixir engineers out there. Gained a lot of hands on experience working with a truly mature Evented Architecture


Block Keys
Open source Elixir crypto currency wallet using Hierarchical Deterministic elliptic cryptography.

Elixir NIF wrapper around a Rust keccak (SHA3) hashing library.

Talks and Workshops

Deploying large distributed Elixir clusters
ElixirToronto, Oct 2023

Managing a massive amount of distributed Elixir nodes
ElixirConf US 2023

Raft in Elixir
ElixirToronto, 2020

Linux Server Hardening for Developers
Security workshop at Lighthouse Labs